Frames & Liners

I have chosen some the finest frames avilable to compliment my images.  These frames are all handcrafted and finished in Europe using beautiful woods and striking profiles. 

Liners: All images come with a choice of white or black linen liners in two widths.  Liners enable a smooth transition from the frame to the image while also creating negative space to help present the image.  The standard liner is 1.25" wide.  A 5" premium liner is also available.

Glass: Our images do not require glass since both the pigment prints are coated with protective UV coatings.  Regardless of the glass quality, it will add reflections and glare to your image which takes away from the viewing experience. Our goal is to maximize your viewing experience and we feel we have achieved this with our offerings.

Click on the frame sample below to view examples of each liner style. 

Olive Walnut Scoop - 3.25 & 4.0 in
Available in 3.25 & 4 Inch Widths
Olive Charcoal Scoop - 4.0 in
Smoky Bamboo - 2.4 & 4.0 in
Black with Copper Double - 4.0 in
Black with Copper Scoop - 3.25 in
Classic Charcoal - 2.75 & 3.6 in
Classic Walnut -  - 2.75 & 3.6 in
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