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Alaska Photography Workshop with Tony Newlin - Prince William Sound, Alaska

August 2022
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Explore and photograph Prince William Sound from our private small ship

Please join me for a six day adventure in Prince William Sound.  We will explore this wilderness by boat and will encounter a wide variety of opportunities to photograph whales, glaciers, sea lions, sea otters, puffin and other marine and land mammals.  I will provide photographic coaching and instruction as we venture around the sound.  Prince William Sound is ‘off the beaten path’ for wilderness photography and provides an amazing and uncrowded wilderness adventure.  I look forward to sharing this amazing place with you!


I will lead the workshop which is limited to 5 participants.  The boat captain, Brad Von Wichman, knows Prince William Sound better than anyone I know and will guide the boat around PWS.  There will also be a cook/boat hand on board to keep us well fed with delicious meals.


We will tour Prince William Sound aboard the Babkin (  Over our 6 day/5 night journey, we will have the opportunity to photograph glaciers, waterfalls, humpback whales, sea lions, sea otters, puffins, scenery and hopefully killer whales.


We will also have the opportunity to kayak, hike, fish a bit if you desire, and sip on drinks cooled with glacier ice.


Travel time on the boat will give us the opportunity to work on our laptops to edit images and perfect image editing workflows.


$5800.  Includes Anchorage hotel on August 10th, charter boat, all meals, transportation to/from Anchorage to Whittier where the boat docks.


$2000 deposit due upon booking, balance due 4/1/19.


Cancellations:  Deposit is refundable if canceled by 12/31/18.  After that, all payments are refundable if your spot can be rebooked.


Not included:  Flights to/from Anchorage and Anchorage hotel for the night of August 16th if needed (many red-eye flights are available).   Meals in Anchorage are on your own.

Sample Itinerary

Arrive Anchorage, overnight in Anchorage.  Meet for dinner if flight arrivals allow.


Day 1:  Depart hotel by 7:15am for 45 minute shuttle drive to Whittier.  Board the Babkin at 9am.  Spend the day exploring and photographing Prince William Sound.


Day 2:  Explore and photograph Princess William Sound aboard the Babkin

Day 3:  Explore and photograph Princess William Sound aboard the Babkin

Day 4:  Explore and photograph Princess William Sound aboard the Babkin

Day 5:  Explore and photograph Princess William Sound aboard the Babkin


Day 6:  Final day on Prince William Sound.  Return to Whitter by 6pm to catch shuttle back to Anchorage.  We will arrive back in Anchorage by 7:30pm.  Option overnight in Anchorage (cost not included) or catch a red-eye flight out of Anchorage

Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale

Glacier Close-Up

Glacier Close-Up

Glacial Blues

Glacial Blues

Sea Lions Napping

Sea Lions Napping

Baby Birds

Baby Birds

Humpback Breach

Humpback Breach

Blue Ice

Blue Ice

Noteworthy Items


  • In August the salmon are running throughout Prince William Sound.  The inlets are alive with fish and the predators that follow them.  Besides being an amazing sight to behold, the presence of salmon provides us a good chance to view and photograph orcas.


  • We will have a variety of weather.  While I wish I could promise calm, sunny days for the entire trip, it will rain at some point and the wind will blow.  The boat is of course safe and we will simply use any ‘weather delays’ to edit images and discuss photography.  Some of my best glacier images were taken on gray rainy days.

  • Being on a boat provides us mobility along with warmth and dryness.  We will have opportunities to go ashore and stretch our legs while hiking and exploring, but we will eat and sleep on the boat.  There are 3 staterooms on the boat with each stateroom containing 2 bunk beds.  Unless traveling with a partner, you will likely share a stateroom with another participant.


  • The boat has 2 bathrooms with a shower available in one of the bathrooms.  There are several locations (inside and out) throughout the boat to spread out and relax when traveling.


  • Any level of photographer is welcome!  This is a great experience and I’m more than happy to work with you regardless of skill level.


  • Photo equipment:  A selection of wide angle and telephoto lenses will allow you to capture the best images.  I will talk with you several times before the trip to help with equipment preparation and selection.

  • Please bring a laptop with photo editing software (i.e. Lightroom) so that we can discuss editing techniques and work on our images.


  • I will provide a reading list prior to the trip if you’d like to learn more about the area and the wildlife we’ll be viewing.


  • Please call Tony directly at 800-470-8360 anytime with questions or ideas about the trip.