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Pigment Prints

Limited Edition Custom Prints

All of Tony’s images are of a limited number. The edition size refers to the total number of images that will be printed (includes all sizes and mediums). Once the edition is sold out, the image will never again be printed or offered as another type  of commercially available media. We don't print Artist Proofs or any other extra-image gimmicks designed to increase the size of the original edition.

All photographs are custom printed to order.

Pigment Prints

The term "pigment print" is used generally for any type of printed image that uses strictly pigment inks. This type of process has been utilized since the middle of the 19th century. The image stability of pigment printing is superior to that of any other method of printing, including traditional silver-halide or metal-based photographs.

We offer two different pigment printing options; PFR or Canvas. Tony makes all of the PFR and Canvas prints himself to ensure complete creative control over the process.

Pigment Print CD Printer.jpg

Metal Prints

In our Metal Prints, a printed image is thermally infused into specially coated aluminum sheets.  While PFR and canvas images could be considered a more subtle presentation, the metal print image is a more brilliant display.  The colors are extraordinarily vibrant and the depth of the coating gives photos a luminous quality that no paper print can achieve.


Frames & Liners

All prints are framed at Tony’s frame shop in Montrose, Colorado, using the finest materials available. Most of the frames are manufactured in Europe and then cut and assembled at our frame shop. We use ‘biscuit’ joints for most of the frame corners which results in extremely strong and tight corner joints. Linen liners (white, black or natural) are used to transition from the frame to the image for most images.

OCS SW Corner A.jpg
Painted Woods 20x40 Panels 2in Spacing.jpg

Frameless Mount

For our Frameless Mounts, the Metal Prints are complimented by a 2mm styrene backing with complete black edge and utilize a 3/4 inch black inset frame on the back - holding the images about 1 inch off the wall for the 'floating' effect.  The final product looks great and fits almost any decor.

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