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near Telluride, Colorado 


Many of you have experienced the beauty of aspen trees in winter during your visits to Colorado. There is something enchanting about the straight, tall, white trunks blending into a snowy background. Far removed from their brilliant fall colors, the aspens are content to spend the winter dormant and wait for the warmth of spring. As shown in this image, dense stands of aspens in canyons often grow amazingly tall as they reach for nourishing sunlight.


Edition of 250

Winter Aspens Triptych

  • Select sizing and framing options to see pricing.

    Ground shipping inlcuded in price shown.


    Frameless Mount prints ship in approximately 2-3 weeks.  Floater Frame prints ship in approximately 4-5 weeks.

  • Frame Options

    Frameless Mount and Floater Frame offered online for this image. The Floater Frame will add approximately 1.5 inches to the height and width of each panel. 


    Frameless Mount panels printed as Metal Prints. Floater Frame panels can be printed as Metal Prints or Pigment Prints on PFR paper.


    Sale is final 14 days after receipt of product.

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