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New Release Limited Edition Photographs

A touch of Black and White

Autumn Flight

Denali National Park, Alaska

One of my favorite things about visiting Denali in the fall is hearing the familiar sound of the cranes taking off from the river beds to circle and gain elevation as they start their southward migration. In this image, a small flock aligns themselves perfectly with a small peak on the West Buttress of Mt. Denali. Morning clouds are clearing to reveal the scale and beauty of this magnificent peak, and give these beautiful cranes an opportunity to begin their journey south.


Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Elephants are highly intelligent animals with strong family bonds. Family groups are led by a matriarch who guides her herd to fertile areas throughout the year. Living 60-70 years, most females give birth between the ages of 25-45. They eat nearly 16 hours each day and only sleep for a few hours.

Given their natural coloration and textured skin, I really appreciate their appearance when printed in black and white.  I hope you enjoy this image as much as I do.

Generations B&W.jpg
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