Coastal Drifter

Coastal Drifter.jpg


I am pleased to share my newest image with you - Coastal Drifter. I was fortunate to return to the McNeil River Bear Sanctuary in Alaska this past June.  McNeil is simply one of the most amazing places on earth and protects the largest gathering of brown bears in the world. This was my 5th trip to McNeil since I first visited in 2005. It's a pristine wilderness area where only 10 people are allowed each day.


The bears gather at McNeil waiting for the salmon to return to the rivers. While waiting, they feed on clams and protein-rich sedge grass.  If you look at its paws, you can see that this bear had just been out digging for clams.


Bears also spend a fair amount of time simply lounging and waiting. I've had an image like this pictured in my mind for many years. This year the right bear was on the right log with the right weather and the moment was perfect. The final scene I composed is shown above.  These bears are so beautiful and show such personality.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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