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A Vibrant and eye-catching image presentation. 

Metal Prints differ from pigment prints because the ink of the image is thermally infused into specially coated aluminum sheets. While fine art paper could be considered a more subtle presentation, the metal print image is a more brilliant display. The colors are extraordinarily vibrant and the depth of the coating gives photos a luminous quality that no paper print can achieve. When seeing a metal print for the first time, gallery visitors often ask if the image is backlit. 

Metal prints are available in both a High Gloss and Satin finish. They arrive for display as ready-to-hang Frameless Mounts or framed with a moulding from our offerings.

High Gloss Metal Prints

The high gloss print is sharp, vivid, and brilliant. It often can look like it is glowing or lit from behind.


The trade-off is the potential for reflections. The high gloss surface will reflect lights and windows, so please consider this when choosing your print medium. It is really a matter of personal preference as the  images look great in all finishes.

Canyon Passage Gloss MS & CU B.jpg

Satin Finish Metal Prints

Metal prints are also offered in a satin finish. These prints appear slightly softer than the gloss surface, while retaining the sharp detail of the photograph.


The satin metal surface shows almost no reflections with minimal glare. This is a more subtle presentation.

The Approach Satin MS & CU.jpg

Care of Metal Prints

Metal Print Images will last for generations when displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight. We do offer a specific UV treated metal print for images that will receive daily direct sunlight. Try to avoid hanging the image in direct sun light, extreme temperatures or humidity levels. This can decrease the lightfastness of your image and also cause harm to the frame. 

Metal Prints can be cleaned using a soft cotton cloth (avoid scratchy paper towels). If necessary, you can use an ammonia-free glass cleaner to remove fingerprints or dust.

Shrouded Peaks 25x50 Panel Triptych FF_e

Limited Edition Images

All of Tony’s images are of a limited number. The edition size refers to the total number of images that will be printed (includes all sizes and mediums).  Once the edition is sold out, the image will never again be printed or offered as another type  of commercially available media.  We don't print Artist Proofs or any other extra-image gimmicks designed to increase the size of the original edition.


The price of the image does increase after the edition becomes 50% sold out and increases further as the edition approaches being sold out. 

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