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About Tony

To put it simply, my passion is nature and wildlife.  A native of northern New Mexico, I grew up exploring the spectacular wilderness in southwestern Colorado and was fortunate to visit the Northern Rockies several times while growing up.  I began photography as a means to capture and share the inspiring wilderness I experienced.  I haven’t received any formal photographic training and remain hesitant to take too much credit for my images….after all, nature did all the hard work.


I was artistically inspired by a childhood mentor who was the most amazing artist I’ve ever known.  She took me under her wing and taught me about art.  Whether it was walking through the galleries of Santa Fe, reading books on the great Renaissance artists, or viewing one of her works, I believe my real inspiration and training for photographic art began with my relationship with her.  For this, I am forever grateful.


Each of my photographs portrays an authentic wilderness image.  I simply strive to share nature with you as I experience it; nothing more and nothing less.  I continue to find the fact that I don’t use filters, captive animals or artificial light, to be unique among nature photographers.  Although I now shoot with a digital camera, I honor my film upbringing and limit the use of digital tools to accurately portray the scene as it occurred in nature.  I take pride in presenting authentic moments in nature and hope you appreciate and value the high standards of my work.


I am passionate about wilderness and the need to preserve it.  Our history is riddled with so many examples of greed winning out over wilderness and this trend continues today.   Respect for wildlife and conservation of resources is scarce in our society and this needs to change. 


I hope you will join me in actively conserving resources and our remaining wild places.  Please help make these images symbols an amazing conservation legacy.  A Navajo proverb says it best.


"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."


I have owned my own galleries for over 17 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey.  I’m thankful for all the support I have received.  I truly enjoy the people I’m able to meet and the friendships that have developed.  I look forward to sharing nature with you.

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